May 1, 2009
CMI Statement Regarding BPA
The Can Manufacturers Institute is committed to providing consumers with products that meet or exceed all government health, safety and quality standards. We are aware of claims reported in the media regarding the safety of bisphenol A (BPA) in certain consumer products other than cans. BPA levels found in beverage and food cans, however, are well below exposure safety limits set by government bodies worldwide. Our recommendation to consumers is simple: Don't sacrifice food quality, nutrition and shelf life for unsubstantiated claims.

CMI continues strongly to support the use of BPA epoxy coatings and believes our coatings are essential to food safety. These coatings are approved by the FDA and other global regulatory bodies. CMI and its members support sound science and trust the scientific regulatory review process that has protected our food supply for decades.

Human exposure to BPA from can coatings is minute and poses no health risk that has been recognized by any governmental authority. Numerous biomonitoring studies that measure actual exposure levels have confirmed that typical human exposure to BPA from can coatings are hundreds of times below safe exposure levels.

It is important to remember that all components of packaging that come into contact with food or beverages undergo stringent testing and must comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations before use. All of our food and beverage cans meet or exceed federal and state health and safety standards.

The totality of the scientific evidence has been reviewed repeatedly by the responsible regulatory authorities in the USA, European Union, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Each has independently reviewed all the available toxicological information and each has concluded that epoxy can coatings and the minute BPA exposure that comes from them poses no measurable health risk. Recently, one of the most comprehensive reviews was performed by the European Food Safety Authority. This review concluded that the use of BPA epoxy-based protective coatings in metal packaging is acceptable for foods for consumers of all ages. All of these evaluations support the conclusion that BPA is not a risk to human health at the extremely low levels to which consumers might be exposed.

In sum, metal cans are safe and provide the highest quality packaging for food and beverages on the market today.


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